Imagine It Iced Cakes By Lisa

You imagine it and we create it!

Imagine it Iced Cakes by Lisa at Buehler's Marketplace is proud to offer some of the finest custom cakes in the southern Maryland area. We have a passion for creating beautiful, moist, delicious cakes. Let us create your perfect cake - it will taste and look extraordinary! If you can imagine it we can ice it.

All of our cakes are baked with fresh ingredients which include whole eggs, real butter and pure vanilla extract. All of our icings are homemade with fresh butter and pure vanilla. We offer a variety of frostings including: White buttercream, Rolled Fondant, Cream Cheese, Chocolate Buttercream, and more.

Cake Stories

Some Exciting News…..

Excited to share my big news about working with Buehler's Marketplace... [Read More]

Win a Free Cake!!!!

Who here likes cake? Now, who likes FREE cake? You can get yourself a free ($40 value) cake if you participate in my contest and win! [Read More]

Cake Wrecks

Cakes can be beautiful, cakes can help celebrate special occasions - but what happens when something goes wrong? Sometimes a cake doesn't quite turn out as you plan and you end up with a cake wreck. [Read More]

Topsy Turvy cake gone topsy turvy

My husband’s work has this Heritage lunch each year to celebrate everyone’s heritages. Well my husband is a mixed breed but a Marylander through and through so I decided a Maryland themed cake. [Read More]

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